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Aspekt HR conducts trainings and business workshops in the field of team management, sales and negotiations, coaching, mentoring and other trainings, individually prepared for the needs of our clients.


We propose training sessions for managers and staff. In the form of discussions, games, role plays, combined with case studies and the elements of coaching.

Below we present a list of topics:

  1. Team management according to Blanchard
  2. Boss-employee communication, difficult conversations, dismissals, disciplining
  3. Motivating employees
  4. Delegating tasks
  5. Giving business presentations
  6. Creativity in working out solutions to business problems
  7. Appraisal meetings
  8. Giving feedback
  9. Coaching
  1. Negotiations
  2. Managing the change
  3. Recruitment and selection of employees
  4. Strategic management
  5. Time management
  6. Communication in a team
  7. Building a team
  8. Train the trainer
  9. Other, after a detailed analysies of needs

We deliver trainings in Poland, EU and other countries

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about us

ASPEKT HR has been active on the training market since 2006. Our company is made up of professional coaches, the criterion for their selection being not only their experience but also their methodological preparation to train/ coach other people. Our experts have many years of experience in managerial positions or are specialists in a variety of industries. Their highest coaching qualifications are documented by a certificate of completion of specialist coaching courses, both in Poland and abroad. The advantage of our lecturers/ coaches is a high level of multidisciplinary experience gained during many hours of classes conducted for the representatives/ employees of different companies. In addition, our coaches share their knowledge during classes conducted by them at leading business colleges/ universities.

What is our strength is our flexibility in adjusting the training syllabus to the needs of our customers. We act quickly and each commission is treated by us in a unique manner. Our business trainings are always tailored to the individual business needs of our clients. Our company is a long-standing member of Stowarzyszenie Trenerów i Konsultantów MATRIK [Association of Coaches and  Management Consultants MATRIK], which guarantees high standards of our work. We deliver trainigs in Polish and English.

The trainings are conducted in POLISH or ENGLISH using the ACTION Learning method.

Action Leraning zespół SET

Czy stoisz w obliczu wyzwań? Czy czekają Cię zmiany w organizacji, zespole? Czy wprowadzasz nowe produkty, usługi na rynek? Czy zmagasz się z problemem komunikacji, przywództwa, braku motywacji itp. Jeśli tak, to zapraszamy Cię do poszukiwania rozwiązań Twoich problemów w gronie innych menedżerów. Doświadczysz niezwykle skutecznej metody Action Learning, dzięki której będziesz mieć okazję do rozwiązania swoich problemów, rozwinięcia swoich kompetencji, wprowadzenia innowacji w swojej pracy/organizacji.

Action Learning jest szczególnie przydatny dla ludzi, którzy, aby odnieść sukces muszą zacząć pracować w inny niż dotąd sposób. Metoda jest pomocna w sytuacji wyzwań i zmian organizacyjnych czy zespołowych.

W kameralnym gronie 6-8 osób będziesz pracować nad realnym wyzwaniem. Usłyszysz wiele pytań, poznasz odmienne podejście każdej z osób. Wszystko po to, abyś znalazł właściwą odpowiedź na swoje problemy/wyzwania.

Jak pracujemy?

Członkowie zespołu podczas każdej sesji pracują nad realnymi sprawami. Spotkanie prowadzi moderator, który dba o przebieg procesu. Spotkania odbywają się co 2 tygodnie. Każda osoba ma swój „czas antenowy” – 20 minut, który może wykorzystać w dowolny sposób – poszukać rozwiązania, podzielić się swoim doświadczeniem, poprosić o opinię w jakiejś sprawie, wysłuchać doświadczeń innych osób. Rolą pozostałych członków zespołu jest zadawanie pytań, aktywne słuchanie i dobudowywanie pomysłów, które są ważne dla "właściciela problemu" i pomagają wypracować nowe rozwiązanie.

What makes us diffrent?

  • proven trainers with many years of business experience
  • specialist and diverse methodology for conducting classes
  • flexibility in adapting to the needs of our clients satisfied customers

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Business practitioner and owner of ASPEKT HR since 2006, holding an International Certificate Management Trainer Certificate (2000), graduate of the Postgraduate Studies in Human Resource Management at Warsaw School of Economics (2005). Participant of trainings for coaches conducted by CTI in London, and In Dialogue in Copenhagen. Phd of management  in knowledge management area (2019).

He has experience in managing business units (financial sector - a UK company listed on London Stock Exchange), project manager, manager of the sales team, internal trainer, and in the Ministry of Finance (specialist). He specializes in Train the Trainer  training projects, managing teams, giving presentations and public speech.

He conducted more than 2,500 days of training and workshops,  which received very high evaluation. Participants confirm that the training projects are carried out dynamically in a fantastic atmosphere and with lots of interesting examples. Privately, he says the trainer is doomed to constant development, which explains his addiction to reading business literature by Ken Blanchard, Leslie Rae, Brian Tracey and others.

He had classes with students at postgraduate and MBA studies at Prof. A. K. Kozminski University. Speaker at numerous HR conferences. He collaborated with Oficyna Ekonomiczna,  BECK in terms of reviewing publications in the field of management and training. Since 1999, an active Member of the Association of Trainers and Consultants MATRIK and PROMENTOR. Since 2012, a trainer at the coaching school in the module on the evaluation of training effectiveness. A registered lecturer of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers.


Aleksandra Stępień graduated from Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University and than received the title: International Master of Business Administration (Warsaw University of Technology, HEC School of Managment ( Paris), London Business School of Economics and Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration).She has been interested in many different aspects of business starting from economic factors to interpersonal relations in an organization. She has been a sole trader from a period of almost 25 years.The trainings are the challenge and the way to develop. The idea comes from the will to share the knowledge and experience and fascination with the process of education.Her key competence include building motivation systems, preparation and implementation of selling strategy, building and implementation customer service quality standards, managing the change, workshops and training for managers, sales representatives and salesmen. Her competence also include: managerial competence, HR management, managing organizations during restructuring, launching new product, negotiation and motivation.She conducts lectures helping to build motivation also lectures concerning stress, personal development, negotiations, coaching and… diving.In 2009 she graduated Coaching Training w The Coaches Training Institute what provided her with new training skills and competence.The experience she gets at her professional career on a daily basis joins the theoretical knowledge with practice. She conducts trainings in English.



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